Top Right: view of workshop in Shenzhen, China

Left: General Picture of Headquarter in HK


Specializing in developing & manufacturing large-diameter foundation equipment over twenty years, Kalicson (International ) Ltd. has becomes one of the leading foundation equipment manufactures in Hong Kong since 1980s. These products are being popularly used in metro, tunnel, high-way, bridge, port and other urban infrastructure, like Kuaichung  Port , Cyber port , Northwest Railway and HK new airport.

Smooth running in Hong Kong for more than 20years and with the strong support of own research & development , manufacture capability, we have been growing to a large-sized professional company. From 1990s,we have been putting great investment in China and with the opening of China market, we have taken part in the construction of some major projects, such as Qingzhang railway , Shenzhen underground railway, Guangzhou new airport and Beijing 2008 Olympus.

With our new business expansion, the market coverage increases to great China, Taiwan, South-east of Asia, Central and South of Asia. And we are now also covering Europe and America market.