Hydraulic Rotary Drill Rig 

Specification TR15 TR22 TR33 TR38
 Carrier vehicle (with extending and retracting device)        
 crawler mounted, hydraulic driven        
 Weight approx.   45tons    
 total transport weight without kelly-bar and power swivel(approx.) 62tons 65tons 105tons 110tons
 Engine model Caterpillar3306 Caterpillar3306 CAT3306 DEUTE1015C
 Engine power(2000rpm) 177kW 224kW 224kW 300kW
 Oil delivery main pump 2〜210L/min 2〜205L/min 2X280L/min 2X360L/min
 Operating pressure 300bar 300bar 300bar 300bar
 Height (LH) 20.77m 23.75m 29.4m 29.4m
 Hook load   380kN 380kN 52kN
 Hook load jib   70kN 70kN 15kN
 Push-down/pull-up system        
 Stroke 6.5m 6.5m 6.5m 6.5m
 Thrust 200kN 380kN 380kN 550kN
 Pull 250kN 245kN 245kN 380kN
 Speed: drilling push down   3.8cm/s 3.8cm/s 5.3cm/s
 drilling return stroke   4.6cm/s 4.6cm/s 6.7cm/s
 rapid push down   22.2cm/s 22.2cm/s 18.0cm/s
 rapid return stroke   45.4cm/s 45.4cm/s 38.0cm/s
 Power swivel (pass I.D.:508)        
 1stspeed torque (casing)   220kNm 330kNm 380kNm
 speed   12rpm 12rpm 12rpm
 2ndspeed torque (drilling)        
 3rdspeed torque (spinning-off) 147kNm 90kNm 170kNm 220kNm
 Speed (spinning-off) 46rpm 100rpm 60rpm 60rpm
 Main winch        
 Pulling force 160kN 200kN 250kN 300kN
 Rope speed 80m/min 50m/min 22m/min 50m/min
 Rope dia./rope length 26mm/65m 28mm/72m 20mm/72m 36mm/90m
 Auxiliary winch        
 Pulling force 75kN 120kN 120kN 150kN
 Rope speed 56m/min 22m/min 22m/min 25m/min
 Rope dia./rope length 20mm/50m 20mm/72m 32mm/72m 26mm/72m