Apart from the above products, kalicson also provides rental services according to specific condition of each area. 

We have over 1 billion of all kinds of foundation equipment listed as below which makes Kalicson one of the most active companies in the field of equipment rentals in Hong Kong and Great China.



Hydraulic Rotary Drill Rigs (up to 40Ton-m)

  • TOP: 40Ton-m Rotary Drill Rig is ready for shipment to Qingzang Railway Job Site.

  • LETF: 40Ton-m Rotary Drill Rig operating in Hong Kong, Max2500 drilling diameter, 81meters depth 



All types of Crawler Cranes (up to 150Ton)

  • Two 85ton cranes of Kobelco7080 with single line pull 25ton operating in Shenzhen sub-way by Shanghai Foundation Company.



Hydraulic R.C.D (up to D3500 drilling diameter)

  • TOP:RC-300 in Tsingtao

  • RIGHT:RC-300 in Newark,USA





Hydraulic Casing Oscillator



  • TOP:CO20S Casing Oscillator Finished Waiting for export

  • RIGHT:CO15S Casing Oscillator Tested in Factory



Hydraulic Vibration hammer



  • PTC 110HD Hydraulic Vibration hammer of France operating in Hong Kong with 120ton pull



Mechanical Grab





  • DGW800/1000 KSL Diaphragm Wall Grab in Lhasa, Tibet

  • DWG1000/1000 KSS Diaphragm Wall Grab in Stonecutters lsland, Hong Kong

  • DGW1000/1200 KSH Diaphragm Wall Grab Testing in Workshop